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Amber Asia Pty Ltd is a fully Australian owned and operated business with over 10 years of history. Over the years, we have steadily grown in size and diversified into a range of different business disciplines. While the company has traditionally been in Consultancy and Investment, the addition of Amber Migration iin 2012 has injected a new dimension into the company’s activities. In addition, we are presently engaged with Australian and Asian partners to develop business opportunities in Clean Environment, Agribusiness and Investment.

Amber Asia’s business principle is based on the premise that the economies of China and Australia are complementary, with both countries gaining mutual benefits from close partnerships and genuine engagement. We believe relationships between partners from the two countries need to engage in a close collaboration and cooperation effort to add value and ultimately meet the needs of consumers and end users.

The mission of Amber Asia is to identify and operate unique, sustainable business propositions. The provision of a comprehensive range of immigration services by Amber Migration facilitates the movement of multinational corporations and high net worth individuals into Australia. The business investments and activities resulting from these movements will then spread across to all sectors of the Australian economy. The Australian enterprises with technical know-how and in-depth experience particularly in clean food, clean energy and a clean environment are well positioned to take advantage of overseas investments and engagement.

The collaboration between Australian and Asian enterprises to jointly tackle these exciting opportunities has just begun. We believe Amber Asia has a unique role to play and signification contributions to make to the success of these ventures.